Do Not Spread Disease

Gerran Collins

Spread of Disease

Infectious diseases are often spread through direct contact. Infectious diseases are most commonly transmitted through direct person-to-person contact. Transmission occurs when an infected person touches or exchanges body fluids with someone else. This can happen before a person is aware that they are ill.

if you are treating a person who is infected

  1. use antiseptics
  2. use disinfects
  3. get an antibiotic for the infected person.

Below are actions that can help stop the spread of disease

These Simple actions can help stop the spread of disease

what if you do not know if the person is sick?

Even if you are treating a person that is not sure if they are sick, still take precautions. It will be worth it in the long run to be able and stay healthy and not get infected.

What to do if you are sick

If you believe you are infected be sure to go see a doctor right away. Do not go out and spread it to other people. If you are around people be sure that you let them know you are sick so they can prevent their selves from getting sick.