Who Discovered Boron

Was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808 in England.

Table element information

Symbol for boron is "B". Boron is a metalloid, is found in group 13. Period number is 2.

Atomic number: 5

Atomic mass: 10.811

What it's made of

Protons- Has 5 protons

Neutron- Has 6 neutrons

Electrons- Has 5 electrons

Where it's found and some uses

Found in the arid reagions in Turkey the US, CHili, Russia, China and Peru.

Used in eye drops, tile glazes, washing powders and more. Grey/black and dark colored solid. Mineral supplements.

Chemical and physical properties

Physical properties- One form of boron was found red and looked like crystals, has been found in the form of black sand and in black crystals.

Physical properties- When combined with oxygen it creates boron trioxide. Not soluble in water. Normally doesn't react with acids.

Interesting facts

-Boron compounds have been known and used by ancient cultures for thousands of years.

-Essential nutrient for almost all green plants.

-Used to control nuclear reactions, is an excellent neutron absorber.