Mrs. Z's Class News

March 13, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • If you're at all interested in chaperoning our Madison F/T MAY 4th you must have your approved volunteer paperwork on file. The deadline for is is March 27th. See our district website to complete the paper work, and also check with the front office to verify that you are an approved volunteer!
  • "Health Talk" March 26, 2:00

Also, Mrs. Z is having surgery next Thursday and will be out Thursday and Friday. I'll be back on Monday with my crutches hobbling around for the next few weeks! Mrs. Avery will be my sub for the 2 days that I'm gone.

4th Grade Wax Museums!

Tuesday, March 24th, 5:30-6:30pm

1935 Cardinal Lane

Suamico, WI

Please Make sure you confirm your child's participation in this event! Click the link below for the parent letter and google form! (CLICK HERE)

Here's What We've Been Learning!

Math-This week we assessed our knowledge of equivalent fractions. Next week we're starting to learn about decimal place values and how to convert decimals to fractions.

Please encourage your child to use the Splash Math App on the iPad to practice these skills.

Writing-This week we continued to work on our speeches for our wax museum projects. Please practice your students' speech with him/her this weekend. The requirements are: 30 seconds (minimum) 1 min (max)-If it goes over 1 min a bit, that's ok! The speeches are to be memorized and need to capture all of the important milestones/struggles/successes of their person. Please also continue to work on Wax Museum backdrops! Those are due to school on March 19th. PLEASE not before!

Science-We're working on our Astronomy unit. This unit is inquiry based, and the students have a journal that they're keeping that contains the the things they're learning about our universe. The benchmarks we're assessing state: "Students will be able to identify objects that exist in space" & "Students understand that our universe is constantly changing." Through the engaging modules / in class discussions your child will be exposed to a multitude of resources that he/she can learn from re: our universe. Most of the work will be done at school, however there may be some nights where I ask students to continue to explore a particular module for inquiry.

ELA- In our mini-lessons this week, we explored similes and metaphors, how to correctly order adjectives in sentence structure, (yes, can you believe there are actual rules to that?) homophones and also idioms! We've been busy!

MAP GROUPS: Next week we are starting our MAP Strand Groups. The focus of these groups is to meet students where they're at according to their MAP scores, and focus on tasks/activities to engage them in the learning environment to help them achieve their "goal" RIT score as determined by MAP. These groups will be taking place Tuesday - Friday for our ELA Strands and Monday-Thursday for our MATH Strands.

With this in mind, we revisited our MAP score data and also discussed what we can do to improve our personal scores. I have several MAP practice sites on my website for student practice. (Many however require flash player, therefore you'd need to be on a reg. laptop or computer)

Scoot Pads continue to be assigned at the beginning of each week, this allows students to work on them diligently on their own time without having a strict due date each day. Many students are doing their part in taking their time on these and completing them appropriately. Please have your child show you his/her progress in Scoot Pad so you are aware of the time they are spending on each task, and can see where they are at. THANKS!

Megan Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary