My Loss

Eliana palacios


The thing that hurts the most is losing someone you deeply care about.I know what its like if your going through this. My Grandma Mona is the lovely person i lost.

My Grandma Mona was like my best friend and sadly i had to lose her at a young age. I honestly think i was like 10 or 11 years old. I was very close to my Grandma Mona, we have a relationship that no one can understand.

When i found out my Grandma Mona passed away i had found out the true meaning of heart broken. When i lost my Grandma its like if i lost another half of me. As i got older i would start getting in trouble and talk back and won't listen because, she was the good half of me so when i lost her i lost the good half of me. So from there on out its like i followed my own rules when i wanted.
i know she still here looking over me but i just wonder how my life would be if she was still physically here with me in my life.