skylab mission

By: Tori Mobley

what is the sky lab mission

The Skylab mission is the mission to see how long man can spend in space at a time, and why they would not be able to spend very much time...

why would they not be able to?

Humans cannot stay in spec for very long because of the zero gravity and what it does to them it could do serious damage or even kill them.

what space can do to your body

Zero gravity can really hurt someone and maybe even kill them but how, the zero gravity makes it hard for the humans to use there legs or move very much. So when they are not getting on there feet there legs tend to loose a lot of muscle and can even become paralyzed. But how could that kill them, all of the liquids and the and stuff in there bodys gets dryer up and they will dye. Now that dosnt always happen some times they run out of air or just freeze to death.

What happened on the mission

When they were not he mission they had to export something called a solar ray and when they tried to do that it odd not work for one of then. See what the solar rays do is block almost all of the heat that comes from the sun because they were pretty close,but one of the rays did not work so all,oat all of the front part of the craft was on fire because the ray did not work. There was a part of the front that was made out of this plastic and when it melted it let of a gas that could almost kill you intently.

But how did they return safely

Down on earth at NASA all of the guys came up with a plan that they told all of the astronauts. They had to make a plate that they would put in the front of the craft and that would block all of the heat coming in.