Deep and Dark and Dangerous

by Mary Downing Hahn


Just before summer starts Ali discovers an interesting photo in her attic. She knows the two kids in the photo are her aunt Dulcie and her mom Claire. But who is the other person in the photo the one that has been torn out of the photo? Ali soon finds out while vacationing in Maine with Dulcie and her four year old Emma. In the cabin where Ali's mother's family use to go on vacation. Things are just at first then they meet this girl named Sissy, a kid whose mean and is a bad influence on Emma. The weirdest thing is that Sissy keeps mentioning this girl named Teresa who drowned in the lake when Ali's mother and aunt were kids, but the body was never found. At first all Ali thinks is that Sissy is just trying to scare her and Emma. But then she finds out the real reason Sissy is angry. Read the book to find out is Teresa is real or not and why Sissy is so angry!


Reasons to read the book!

Mystery and Horror books are good separate but they are better together this book happens to be both. If you don't like Mystery or Horror books then i don't think this is the book for you!