Mission To Mars

Venture into the Unknown

Why go to MArs?

The reason why we are going to go to Mars is because the Earths population is getting larger and larger. Which means after awhile Earth will be full and we will need places to go when we are full. Are solution is Mars. That is our mission, get to Mars and get less people of Earth.
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Similarities and differences between Mars and Earth


Mars and Earth have many similarities. One similarity is day and night. The amount of time for each day and night is very similar. In Earth days Mars is 1.6 days. Another similarity is seasons. Earth has a 23.5 degree tilt and Mars has a 25 12" degree tilt. This would make the seasons very similar because of the part of the planet leaning more toward the Sun.


Mars and Earth also have many differences. One difference is the phases of the moon. The phases of the moon would be different because there is two moons. The sun would hit the moons different then normal. Another difference is the eclipses. They would be different because they have two moons making the possibilities of having a a eclipse much higher.

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