Concussions are deadly to athletes

Did You Know

The main cause of concussions is because of contact sports like football and soccer, which lead scientists to believe that concussions are persistent in modern day sports and are affecting athletes on and off the field.

In Recent Studies

Small hits to the head in football can add up to a problem later it showed changes in the brain. For example, during their studies on athletes "They also found changes in mental performance weeks after their season ended" (Los Angeles Times 9). This study proved that even small impact hits on a player could up overtime to a change in their mental thinking and ability.

Concussions Don't Just Affect Your Mental Performance

Concussions have shown to affect a students academic grades. In fact, the study done on academic students who played sports even stated "Nearly 9 in 10 teens who have experienced concussions have academic issues afterward" (Los Angeles Times 2). Concussions aren't just a problem for an athletes performance, but more importantly its detrimental to their academic learning.

When Can An Athlete Start Playing Again

Typically within two weeks but the biggest risk to them then is "Second Impact Syndrome", A fatal condition that occurs when a player suffers a second concussion after a first one hasn't fully healed. However, because of Second Impact doctors have concluded that "There were 17 deaths across all leagues in 2013 which were all directly associated and caused by Second Impact Syndrome" (Kansas City Star 10-12).
NFL rookie Chris Borland on retiring over concussion concerns