Solar Nebula Theory

By: Nicole Longstreet

The formation of our Solar System.

Many people believe the Solar Nebular Theory is how the Solar System formed, which was thought up of on 1734 by Emanuel Swedenborg. It is now the most accepted hypothesis of the formation and evolution of our Solar System. Originally it was thought to be applied to our Solar System only, but it has been proven that this method can now be applied throughout the Universe as well.

Around 4.567 billion years ago, it is believe that the Sun, Planets, Moons, and even asteroids were all formed by a Nebula, around the same time. The Solar Nebular Theory also explains that our Solar System formed from a Nebula cloud, formed by the gathering of gas and dust. It is told that stars are formed by dense clouds of molecular hydrogen, and are unstable. These clouds eventually collapse and form stars, and can also give away planets, but the process is said to take at least 100 million years.