Traveling to Earth Guide

By Derrek Dubendorf


Places I will be talking about are the Cayman islands, the K2 mountain, and Canada glacier in Antarctica. I will be telling you what to wear ill tell you what to bring etc. i will tell you the temperatures. I will tell you what to be concerned about. Well i hope u enjoy this start a reading.

Cayman Islands

It is very warm here in February 64 to 72 degrees and that is there coolest temperature. There warmest weather is July through August. there driest months are March and April and may through October is there rainiest. You will need to bring some shorts, swim suits, extra suit case, and some fancy clothes (If going to fancy places). One more thing if you buy a house the pay is more and if u buy a car make sure a mechanic to check it.

K2 Mountain

Some stuff you should know about k2 1 out of 4 people die while ascending. Make sure to bring a satellite phone.This mountain is located in asia.