American Obesity Epidemic

Envyi K. Lindsey

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Several of the leading causes of death in America can be related back to obesity.

Background Information

The Obesity epidemic is currently an on going issue that is being faced in today's society. It is happening all across America between all races and social classes, this issue also ranges from all ages and both genders. This topic is important because people are becoming overweight or obese and their health is suffering for it. This has been going on of several decades and has progressively gotten worse.


The American government should ultimately be blamed for the obesity epidemic because they don’t use the power given to ensure better food quality of American citizens.

"We're Fat Because We Aren't Moving" by Susan Reimer

In "We're Fat Because We Aren't Moving" by Susan Reimer, she claims Americans eating too much isn't the cause of the obesity epidemic, it's because people are lazy and don't exercise. Reimer’s article is about the drastic decline in exercise among American families and the increase of obesity. The main argument made in the article was that Americas young and old don't receive as much exercise as they should to maintain a healthy body. The point of the reading is to show how the real reasons why more and more Americans are becoming obese over the years. This source is useful because it helps to prove that fast food restaurants aren't always to blame for the increase in obesity among people.

"Door to Door in the Heartland, Preaching Healthy Living" by Sabrina Tavernise

Sabrina Tavernise's article "Door to Door in the Heartland, Preaching Healthy Living", she illustrates how county health care workers try to get people to become healthier by spending their days recruiting people for health and nutrition programs. Tavernise's article is about how people are taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act to help improve the health of the community. The main point made in the source was that people though more money would be the best thing to help people better their health. The point of the reading is show that providing a community with simple things such as walk paths and bike paths can significantly improve the health of several people. The source is useful for showing how the health of a community can be improved by the government getting involved.
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"Fat? It's Partly Fault of Ads, Government" by Marni Jameson

In Marni Jameson's source "Fat? It's Partly Fault of Ads, Government", she declares that the government should be blamed for the dramatic increase of the American obesity rate over the years. Jameson's article is about the reasons why the American Government should be to blame of the obesity epidemic. The point of the article is to give a number of facts on why obesity has increased over the years. The source is useful because it points out all of the flaws the government makes whether it's food quality or physical exercise.

"The Experts: What Role Should Government Play in Combatting Obesity?"

In Helen Darling's source "How to Take on Obesity Within Government", she states that the government has mostly had a negative impact on the well being of millions of people in America. Darling's article is about several ways the government can help improve health of American adults as well as children. The main point in her reading is try to make sure that the government provides exercise equipment and buildings as steps to get people to workout more and improve their health. The purpose of Darling's article is to persuade the government into making quality standards on foods in buildings so that people eat foods that hold nutritional value and few calories. The source can be used to argue that there are various ways that the government can contribute to improving the health of Americans, they just aren't taking the steps to do so.
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“How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry” by Michael Mudd

In Michael Mudd’s article “How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry”, he argues that the food industry tries to act innocent when negative attention is drawn to their products by claiming they’re give people what they want. Mudd’s article is about the food industry refusing to offer more healthy food choices and minimize the production of unhealthy foods. The main point Mudd made was that food industries try to play innocent when they are called out for producing unhealthy, low nutrition foods and beverages. The point of the source was to show the readers that food industries don’t care about their health they just want to continue to make profit off of them. The source is useful because it gives reason to why big food companies should be blamed for the increase of obesity.

"Eat Better Without Big Brother" by Richard Williams

In the article "Eat Better Without Big Brother" by Richard Williams, he argues that the government doesn't have to step in to regulate food manufacturers because companies are volunteering to help combat the war against obesity in America. William's article is about the steps that are being taken by big food companies towards ending America's most recent obesity epidemic. The main point for the source was to show how companies are trying to reduce the amount of calories that are in their produces by changing the size of packaging or even providing healthier low calorie produces. The point of the reading was to show how successful the actions that big food companies took are in reducing the size of Americans over the past year few years. The article is useful for defending how food companies aren't to blame for the American obesity epidemic because they are voluntarily trying to change their produces so they become better for people to consume.
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In closing, I still maintain that the government should be blamed for America’s recent obesity epidemic. As long as they don’t put more money into buying healthy foods instead of cheaper foods that aren't as good for people the epidemic will only worsen. Which could also mean the deterioration of the mental and physical health for Americans. The government should use force into making the food industry change their habits of unhealthy snacks. They should have a regulation that will enforce them to produce more nutritional foods so that health of people will get better. Given these points, the government should change and enforce laws to increase food quality and thus improving the health of Americans.