8th Grade Math

With Ms. Johnston - Week of April 12th

Unit 7

This is the last week that students will be taking the Georgia Milestones Exam! We are going to be reviewing all of unit 7 (systems of equations) this week, and learning one new way to solve systems of equations (substitution). We will have a quiz over systems of equations this Friday and our unit 7 test will be next Tuesday!

If students are struggling with this unit, students are welcome to come see me on May 5th, before school for tutoring, as well as during homeroom in the morning any day during the week. I also offer tutoring every week on Thursday mornings beginning at 7:45.

Important Dates

May 1 - Systems of Equations Quiz

May 5 - Morning tutoring at 7:45

May 5 - Unit 7 Test

May 7 - Morning tutoring at 7:45

Classroom Needs

Dry erase markers


I post all of our class notes on our class edmodo page. This is a GREAT resource if your student is confused about what we are doing in class.

You can join our edmodo page by following this link: https://edmo.do/j/yeu5sm

Other Resources:

Ms. Johnston's Contact Information

Always feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments, or concerns!