The Maya

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The Maya

The first Maya lived in what is now Guatemala in 1000 BC. They.They lived in houses made of sticks, poles, and mud. Some natural resources they had were jade, obsidian, trees, cotton, cocoa, monkey, deer, and rabbit.

The Classic Age

The Maya Empire was during 250 - 900 AD in parts of southern Mexico and Guatemala. All 40 cities had different rulers. They stayed connected because of trade. In cities like Palenque where King Pacal ruled,people lived in temple palaces. The road were canals and they had terrace farms on mountain sides. One popular game was Pok A Tok. In the game you have to get a 3 - 8 pound rubber ball into a ring attached to the side of the court without using your hands or feet. If you win, you survive and get riches. If you lose, you get sacrificed to the gods. The Maya were polytheistic.

The Maya Culture

Social Structure

In the upper class was the kings, priest, merchants, and warriors. They had all the power.

In the lower class was the farmers and servants. They paid the rulers part of their crops, salt, and silk clothes. They also had to build structures. They were also responsible for cooking, taking care of the children, making clothes, hunting, farming, and made Maya Empire was during 250 - 900 AD in parts of southern Mexico and Guatemala.e tools.


The Maya were polytheistic. Which means that they believe in more than one god. Some gods they believed in were the sun god, rain god, maize/corn god, moon god, etc. The Maya believed that the gods needed blood to prevent disasters from happening or the world to end. They pierced and sacrificed the prisoners from battle.


2 Calendars

One of the achievements that the Maya had were the calendars. One of the calendars were for harvesting/planting. That calendar had 365 days. We use that calendar today.

The other Calendar was 260 days. That calendar was for religious events.


Observatories were stone buildings used to study the space. Priest studied to calculate when to have religious events.


The Maya were mathematical. They had their own math system and made the concept of zero.

Stone Tables

The Maya crated a writing system with hieroglyphics. They wrote a book.


The Maya used obsidian to carve stone. They had no metal tools in Mesoamerica.


The Maya were great artist. They carved, painted pictures, and made jewelry.

Fun Fact

The Maya thought people with crossed eyes, flat heads, and sharp teeth were attractive.

Possible Reason of the Decline of the Maya


Farmers and servants tired of working for kings.


People fled for safety out of the cities and into highlands or mountains.

Food shortages

The Maya might have over worked the land.

Climate Change

There might have been a drought or not enough food.

Possible reason

Mayans might have left the cities for the country sides or less power. Mayans might've stop building.