The Roo Review

Your Adventure Begins Here...

The Week Ahead...

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday-January 18

  • Holiday-Comp Day

Tuesday-January 19

  • 4th Six Weeks Begins
  • Lesson Plans/Newsletters due

Wednesday-January 20

  • ALs at AAA training
  • 4th Grade PAAWS field trip to Ball Hall

Thursday-January 21

  • Junior Great Books Training Shared Inquiry-New and Refresher
  • 4th and PreK Collaboration
  • Family Science Night 6-8

Friday-January 22

  • Behavior RtI
  • Junior Great Books Shared Inquiry Training K-2
  • Report Cards go home
  • 6th Grade Bowling Field Trip

Celebrating Each Other!

Sarah Ybarra





Morning Announcements: Tyson/Goff

Character First Trait for January-Flexibility

Upcoming Events...

January 25-PLC @ 3:40

January 26-Spelling Bee 8:30

January 27-Jen at Crockett all day-Rounds

January 28-Deaf Ed and Third grade collaborations

January 29-Good Citizens' Breakfast

January 29-RtI

February 1-PBIS Meeting @ 3:40 QUEST room

February 1-Worth the Wait begins in 6th grade

February 2-Groundhog Day

February 3-College Colors Day

February 4-2nd Grade Collaboration

February 5-RtI

February 8-PLC @ 3:40

February 9-DeafEd RtI @ 3:40 QUEST

February 9-Progress Reports go out

February 11-Cici's Night-NEED VOLUNTEERS

February 11-1st Grade Collaboration

Happy January Birthdays!

Jan 18-Shannon

Jan 19-Whitney

Jan 19-Alicia L (custodian)

Jan 25-Debbie F (cafe)

Jan 28-Natalie

Jan 31-Ranae

Inclusive Practices in Your Classroom

Love and Logic-Creating a Perfect World for Kids

Do you know people who are trying to create a perfect environment for their children? Are they more concerned about getting the world to adjust to their kids than they are about helping their kids learn to cope with and deal with the world as it exists today?

In spite of the efforts of many to create a perfect country where no one will ever be offended, where bad decisions will have limited consequences, where good outcomes are guaranteed regardless of effort and sacrifice, and where kids never have less than the neighbors' kids, our kids are still living in a world that requires effort and resilience.

Our love for our kids tempts us to do all we can to make their childhood better than ours. It tempts us to try to eliminate disappointment, struggle, and inconvenience from their lives.

Each day we need to remind ourselves:
Whose needs are being met when we attempt to guarantee that our kids are never disappointed, never get less than an "A" grade, never have to struggle, never take risks, never fail, and never have less than the neighbor kid?

Is it my job to make the world adjust to my kids, or is my job to help my kids develop resilience so that they can fit into a world they’re going to face?

Trying to create perfect environments for our children is about as successful as creating perfect children. In my eyes, to think otherwise is a delusion.

It takes great courage to be a parent.