West Des Moines Community Schools | May 7, 2021

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YouTube, Texas, and the Passion for Learning: A Valley Senior’s Path to Accomplish His Goals

Meet Valley High School senior Levi Janssen, a National Merit Scholar ready to attend the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in electrical engineering. A YouTuber with nearly 16,000 YouTube subscribers. An 18-year-old who begins an internship with a Texas-based industrial technology company before even receiving his high school diploma later this month.

And yes, we’re still talking about one person.

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This Spring at WDMCS

As we wrap up the school year, we are excited that some events and activities are returning, even if they don't look exactly like they have in previous years. Because our COVID-19 safety measures will remain in effect through the end of the school year, we've modified several events to ensure we could still provide a fun experience while prioritizing safety.

Safety Measures

  • Any school event or activity that may include volunteers, visitors, or students leaving district property must be approved by WDMCS leadership. Building administrators submit a safety plan and explanation of the event or activity.

  • Face masks are required on district property (both indoors and outdoors.)

  • Individuals cannot enter a building if they feel sick or have a fever over 100.4.

  • Individuals must follow any other COVID-19 guidelines provided by the building.

Spring Events
The following events are not a complete list of activities taking place across the district, but summarize a variety of events planned in May.

  • Field Trips: Field trips requiring transportation is not an option, but many schools are organizing an outdoor lunch or other activities where students walk to a local park.

  • Indoor Performances and Recognition Events: Some performances and other year-end recognitions are taking place with limited in-person capacity. Several events will be recorded or livestreamed so families unable to attend in-person can still support their students. Check with your school to learn if an event planned will be recorded or streamed.

  • Graduation Ceremonies: Valley High School and Walnut Creek Campus will both honor their graduates at in-person ceremonies this year. Walnut Creek Camps will celebrate their graduates at Valley’s Staplin Performing Arts Center on Thursday, May 27. Valley High School’s graduation will be held at Valley Stadium on Sunday, May 30. Both events have limited in-person attendance and will follow standard COVID-19 safety measures. In addition, both events will be livestreamed. Contact either school for details.

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Chromebook Plans for Summer

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WDMCS Meals Free Through National Waiver for 2021-22

Good news, WDMCS: School meals will be free for families during the 2021-22 school year! This pricing is due to a nationwide waiver that allows school districts to continue the Summer Food Service Program through June 2022.

Please note: Even though all meals are free, it is still important for families to fill out the free or reduced meals application. Families that qualify and sign a fee waiver may also receive free or reduced transportation and other school fees such as registration fees and driver education.

Meals will be free through June 2022 in all learning environments. A la carte items will still have a cost. Thank you to the WDMCS Nutrition Services Department, which continues to ensure our students get the nutrition they need to learn, play, and grow.

Register for 2021-22 WDMCS Transportation Services

Take advantage of school bus transportation for your student(s) by registering now for the 2021-22 school year. It is required for every student who plans to ride on the bus to register each year.

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WDMCS Staff Recognition

Read the list of retirees and staff who have reached milestones in their career with WDMCS.

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