Martha Carson's Class Newsletter

January 9, 2016

Our First Week in 2016

We all made it back from our winter break! After days of rain, hopes were high for sun and snow! Ms. Martha was so excited to see snowflakes falling as she put together this newsletter. Winter is here!!!!

At school we worked to get back into our routines. For some of us that was hard to do. Ms. Paula, Ms. Lanette, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Martha were all extremely delighted to see that their students were finding the right answers to questions that included "Which of these numbers is 4?" "Can you point to Monday on the calendar? "What comes after 10?" Getting back into routines, responding appropriately to requests, and respecting our friend's choices still need work.

In honor of the new year, we started studying the letters Nn, We made glittery Happy New Year signs for the hall outside our classroom door. We practiced tracing Nn, found pictures to put on Nn posters, examined things in the N collection box, and enjoyed new letter Nn songs. We learned about an amphibian called a newt and crafted some out of paper!

As we did before our holiday, we continued to try to use counting skills throughout our days at school! We practiced counting the school days left in January. When we completed our attendance routine, we counted the pictures of our friends on the "At School" side of the attendance page and wrote that number in the box marked "Students Present". In the box marked "Students Absent", we wrote the number of pictures we counted on the "At Home" side of the attendance page. Ms. Martha said that we are all getting better at counting!

This first week of January at school was also a first for one of our classmates. Emilly had her first opportunities to work the coffee cart with Ms. Lanette. She got to practice more functional counting skills like counting quarters, counting punches on punch cards, and counting creamer containers. Emma, our usual coffee cart worker was out a few days for some surgery. The ladies of room 101 are very proud of our tiny workers and what they are learning through this project based assignment.
Sesame Street Letter N
Alphabet Songs - The Letter N

Check out two of our favorite Nn videos from this week.