Formation Of The Solar System

By: Grace Minor

How It started

The solar system formed by a cloud of gas and dust. The big cloud of gas and dust exploded and then the planets were formed because most planets are gas and dust.

How the sun was created

The sun is a star but was formed by a disk.The sun is a nebula star which means big star.The sun is the closest star to Earth because all of the other stars are in the far of part of the galaxy.

The Moon

The moon does not make its own light because the moon is a rock and rocks cannot make light. The rock gets its light from the sun. The moon orbits around earth.

The Earth

The earth is a gas and dust and was created by the big explosion that formed all of the planets.

How We Have discovered

The Hubble Space Telescope has helped us with our findings because it lets us see way far off into the galaxy and look farther into the galaxy other than a normal telescope would let us see