come to Hobby Lobby!

glass blast is our hot new product that is only $12.74

our awesome product consists of many shapes and sizes!

our shapes include:

hexagon, equal lateral triangle

regular trapezoid, irregular trapezoid

large rhombus, small rhombus

square ,and small right triangle

so come and buy it now!

our prices are:

hexagon 0.48 is 6 linear inches

trapezoid .24 is 5 llinear inches

rhombus .16 is 4 linear inches

square .16 is 4 linear inches

equallateral triangle .08 is 3 linear inches

irregular trapezoid .12 is 3.5 linear inches

small rhombus .16 is 4 linear inches

right triangle .04 is 2.5 linear inches

now on sale price is 20% of making its final price 10.19