Quist Weekly News

May 20, 2022

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Dear ROYALS Families,

It is a bittersweet feeling as we approach the end of another school year. We are looking forward to celebrating our 8th Grade ROYALS as they continue onto high school and the accomplishments of our entire community. There is definitely a sense of gratitude among our community for the opportunity to end the school year by returning to our typical in person events and celebrations.

Yesterday, the energy and competition were fierce as our ROYALS competed in Field Day. Thank you to our WEB Leaders, Explore Teachers, and a number of other individuals that made this event possible. It was great to see so many families out enjoying the weather and festivities.

Prepurchased yearbooks have been distributed. If your student was absent and/or did not get their prepurchased yearbook, we will be following up with them next week. We will also be following up with those on our waitlist for cash/carry sales. At this time, we have a large number of families on the waitlist and do not project that we will have any additional yearbooks for sale.

Our 8th grade teachers and Wagon Wheel Skating RInk worked diligently to provide an alternative celebration, due to the weather conditions resulting in Elitch Gardens closing today. All funds paid for Elitch Gardens have been given back in the original form paid. Please contact your student(s) pathways teacher with any questions related to refunds. We cannot thank the individuals enough for coming together in the final hour to make an alternative possible.

We have started our Chromebook collection process. As a reminder, all current 6th and 7th grade students must return their devices for the summer. This includes the Chromebook, Charger, and Case. The fee for damaged or non-returned devices is $260, chargers $30, and cases $30.

8th Grade students do have the choice to keep or donate their Chromebook. The Chromebooks have a 3-year warranty (projected life span). After that point, we are unable to have them serviced/updated by Dell. Therefore they are given to students or families can elect to donate them. Pathways teachers will be verifying the asset tag and serial numbers of the devices being retained so that we can release them from our inventory. Next week, we will share directions on how the devices can be reset for personal use. Due to inventory issues, a small number of students were given new/loaner devices for use during the school year. We are required to collect these devices and will provide an alternative device to those wishing to keep their device. Failure to return a loaner device will result in a Chromebook replacement fee of $260.00. If your student attends a 27J High School they will be issued a new/updated device for High School. The cost of devices is built into the standard student fees, and this has been the practice of the district.

In closing, I want to share some important information regarding our 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony. First, please do not be concerned if your student did not bring home tickets today. We will have a check in at the door and are able to provide them for you. Our goal with tickets is to expedite the process. Seating will begin at 12:40p and the ceremony will start at 1p. Yesterday (5/19), the specifics were emailed, if you have not had a chance you can view the communication by clicking here.

Our school year has been filled with growth, innovation, and learning. We look forward to building on these lessons and continuing to build the school community we all want. Thank you for sharing your child with us and supporting our growth. Happy last Friday of the school year!


Trina Norris-Buck, Ed.S.

Lead Learner/Principal