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April 2, 2018

A Principal's Perspective

It is hard to believe we only have two months left of this school year! As you know I went to Las Vegas at the end of last week with my husband as he attended a wireless networking conference. I had some thinking time on this trip as I laid by the pool and rode my bike through Red Rock Canyon (which was awesome by the way!). I was thinking about my professional goals and goals for our school. How did I want to finish out this school year? As a campus, how do we put the finishing touches on this year? How do we leave nothing on the table so to speak as we finish out the year?

But as I thought about this year, I reflected upon my reasons, my purpose, for becoming a teacher and a principal. For a large campus to be successful with a student focus in mind, there are many to do items that could take away from this purpose especially this time of year. We all have them. Yes, they have to get done. But how do we do these and keep our compass set on our primary purpose for being an educator? For me, it is all about balance - balance of work and family, balance of meetings & commitments - both campus and central office, and balance of administrative duties and classroom time (the most important place to be!). So my thought on the end of the school year for me? Refocus my commitments as a principal and work to balance my to do list so that I can finish out the year centered on my purpose of why I wanted to be a teacher and a principal.

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Morning Duties for the Week

Gym & Morning Assembly (7:20-7:45): LeBlanc

Gym (7:20-7:45): J. Rhine

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:55): Weber

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:55): Simmons & S. Anderson

Cafeteria (7:20-8:00): Eppes

Bus (7:15 - 7:55 Buses/ Car Drop Off after all buses arrive): Matthews

Counselor Schedule: - K & 1st Citizenship/Careers

Librarian: GP

Week at a Glance

Monday: Staff Development; All Proethica Modules due

Tuesday: Imagineers Art Club @ 7:30 am; 3rd Practice STAAR Math

Wednesday: 3rd Practice STAAR Reading; Lunch Lounge Wednesday; Training for New to GP Staff 3:30-4:30

Thursday: 4th Grade Trip to Austin; Chess Club 3:15-4:15

Friday: 3rd & 4th Aggies Move @ PE;

News & Notes

  • Tweet 3 times during the month of March and wear jeans on Tweet Tuesday, APRIL 3rd (note date change). Don't forget to use the hashtag #SuccessCSISD and the handle @greensprairie Share your story of the great things happening at GP!
  • T-TESS & ATR Summative Conferences: If I am your evaluator this year. Please go to this link: to schedule a summative conference time. During this time we will discuss your progress toward your professional goals for this year, your professional development activities, and potential goals and areas you'd like to grow/work on next year. In preparation for the conference, please submit the T-TESS Goal Setting Template and End of Year Reflection form found in Talent Ed.
  1. Log in to your TalentEd Account
  2. Complete the "T-TESS Goal Setting Template - End of Year Reflection"
  3. Save and Submit the form
  • Lunch Lounge Wednesday is here! We all know that it takes each of us to have a healthy, positive, productive, and yes fun! school culture. Eating together is just one way that we can get to know one another better all while cultivating a great team! If you would like to participate, eat in the teacher's lounge and wear your jeans that day! Win Win!
  • Ethics modules and end of course test via Proethica due by April 1st.
  • Staff Development Link for Monday, April 2nd:
  • To GP Staff from Gretchen Lutz: At the end of this year, I am transitioning into helping and being there for my family more and enjoying the last few years with my kiddos before they leave, but know that I will ALWAYS be involved in helping children in some way. We are beginning this new chapter by going on a family Mission Trip to El Salvador in June. What an awesome season of life teaching Kinder has been for me, thanks for all the fun memories!!
  • VIP Luncheon: Our VIPS luncheon will be on Wednesday, April 18th. We are honoring our ALL STAR Volunteers! Please invite your classroom and/or grade level volunteers that have helped you this year. The invitation/ticket to the "game" is in the office. Please send home to invite your VIP. Deanne will give each grade level leader the ball park themed lunch list. This is a great way to show our appreciation to all of our VIPS. Staff will eat with our VIPS on this day as well.

Staff Development April 2nd

Staff Development Agenda

7:30-8:30 - Waffle & Yogurt Breakfast with Pecan Trail Staff at Pecan Trail

8:30-9:30 - STAAR Training for designated staff & Dyslexia Student Survey Input K & 1st; other staff members - instructional planning

9:30-11:30 - GT 2 Hour Training

8:30-11:30 Para Staff - Instructional Preparation

11:30-1:00 Lunch on Your Own

1:00-3:30 Grade level instructional planning

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