the fear of dolls

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  • Unwarranted, irrational, persistent, worry of dolls
  • Comes from word "paidion" which means little child in greek
  • Effects adults and children
  • This is an Automatonphobia- humans afraid of human like objects


  • Intensely negative or traumatic incident connected to dolls
  • Children have a hard time separating fantasy from reality --> dolls have staring eyes which can be considered scary to children
  • Not considered phobia until it has been persistent for 6+ months


  • Rapid breathing
  • Elevated heartbeat
  • Dry mouth
  • Shivering, trembling
  • Freezing on the spot
  • Crying/Screaming


  • Hypnosis & desensitization
  • Hypnosis- rationalization of fear, turns negative thoughts positive
  • Desensitization- exposure to fear, familiarity with thing

Interesting facts

  • There are no celebrities effected by this phobia