Vol. 1, Issue 7: May 17, 2021

DYK... you can browse our catalog while you Google search?

Want to see relevant search results from Google that include

our library's resources?

Consider adding the Destiny Discover Google Chrome Extension!

What is a Google Chrome extension?

Google Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome, Google's web browser, to enhance the browser's functionality. In this case, the Destiny Discover extension automatically links all of your Google searches to the MHHS online book catalog, Destiny. Extensions are always available to be downloaded from the Google Web Store. Google extensions are tied to your computer, not your Google account, so with each new device you log in to, you would need to download the extension.

Step 1a: Get the Extension

Go to the Google Web Store and search for "Destiny Discover".

Click here for a direct link.

Click on the blue button to the right that says "Add to Chrome".

A confirmation pop-up will appear, click on "Add Extension".

Step 1b: Manage extensions

To see what extensions you have added to Chrome, click on the puzzle piece icon located to the right of the browser search bar.

Click the pin icon next to the Destiny Discover extension to display a short-cut to the extension on your browser bar. When you click on the Destiny Discover extension's icon, a search bar will appear that allows you to search our school's library resources instantly.

Step 2: first time setup

After adding the extension, search for something on Google. This will prompt the Destiny Discover extension to show up as a black bar above the search results with the following message: "First Time Setup: Go to your school's Destiny Discover home page by selecting it from DestinyDiscover.com and your extension will auto-configure itself."

Step 3: search on google

Within the extension widget in your Google search results, use the arrows on the left and right to scroll through the relevant titles.

You can also click on "View More via Destiny Discover" to be taken to the full list of results in Destiny Discover.

Click on any of the extension results and you will be taken instantly to the title's page in Mission Hill's Destiny Discover.

Step 4: Found a book? Place a hold!

Login to DestinyDiscover to place holds on items.

Username: student email (leave off @smusd)

Password: student's DOB (YYYYMMDD)

You will receive an email confirmation from the library once your items are ready for pick up.