New Academy Charter School

January 2019

New Year, New Us!

As everyone knows by now, our school has undergone a significant amount of changes this past year. New building and new name! As educators, we want the best education for our students to move along after high school and be successful individuals in the world. In tribute to that, we have been dedicating this school year to the improvement of the education our students receive. This year, our teachers have been working hard to create and revamp curriculum for our students that is on grade/ reading level, engaging, aligned with what they state of Pennsylvania requires, and culturally relevant. Our goal is for our students to learn what is required of them to be successful while enjoying the learning experience. The creation/ revamp of our curricula will not stop at this school year. It will be an on-going project. Each year each curriculum will be updated to satisfy the needs of our children until we have arrived at a curriculum that ensures that every student succeeds.

School Goal: Student Attendance

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Perfect Attendance: December

Please help us congratulate the following students on their PERFECT attendance

for the month of December! Keep it going, students!!

Report Cards: Quarter 2

Can you believe that we are already in the THIRD QUARTER?! This school year is flying by! With that being said, report cards for the second nine week were mailed home to parents the week of January 21st. If you need a copy of your student's report card please call us at 412-515-2280.

Quarter 2 Honor Roll

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Employee of the Month

Kyle Edgar - Mr. Edgar never disappoints. He goes above and beyond in his Special Education responsibilities, he provides critical support in the classroom and in the hallways and he is always willing to lend a helping hand without being asked. He does all of this without hesitation or complaint. Mr. Edgar is reliable, professional and well respected by his co-workers and students. He shows patience, understanding and always keeps an even tone. Thank you Mr. Edgar!

Extra Effort Winners

Justin Zinsmeister – Mr. Zinsmeister is always up for stepping outside of his regular day-to-day duties with zero complaints; if we need a driver, he is there, if we need coverage, he is there, and if someone needs help in the classroom, he is there. He makes it a point to acknowledge and speak to his co-workers, build a professional and respectful rapport with his students and he pushed all students to succeed. Thank you Mr. Zinsmeister!

Brad Shamitko – Mr. Shamitko always has high expectations for his students. Anytime you see him with a student he is encouraging them to make the right decisions, try their hardest and be the best they can be. He is not afraid of confrontation and always take the time to meet new students and teachers, shake their hands and introduce himself. Mr. Shamitko always finds a way to make his lessons culturally relevant; engaging his students in many discussions that, when over, they don’t even realize they learned something. Thank you Mr. Shamitko!

Penny Tinsley – Ms. Tinsley has once again proven to be one of the best recruiters. She truly believes in what we all do and provide for our students, so much so that she has enrolled 129 new students in the first semester. She works tirelessly and compassionately to get to know our students, their families and what is going on in their home lives in order to provide smooth transitions. Thank you Ms. Penny!

Talia Booker – Ms. Booker has done a wonderful job of organizing and carrying out the Community Service Project plans on the weekends. She not only has outstanding attendance, but she also comes into work on her days off to ensure that the Integrated Program has sufficient support. Ms. Booker displays work ethic, dedication and professionalism on a daily basis. Thank you Ms. Booker!

November and December Students of the Month

Teachers and staff were able to vote for a Student of the Month for

each grade level. The winners are:

Ty'Zachary D. (12th Grade)

Steve G. (12th Grade)

Brian C. (11th Grade)

Korea C. (11th Grade)

Diontae W. (10th Grade)

Jua'Shya T. (10th Grade)

Trinity M. (9th Grade)

Keshaun C. (9th Grade)

Tyler R. (8th Grade)

Asia J. (8th Grade)

Classroom Highlight

The 8th grade Teen Living class has been working on sportsmanship and teamwork. Through the use of hands on activities students were given two weeks to build stronger relationships with their classmates. Students wrote a one paragraph reflection of the activities and stated:

“Learning to work with people you do not like is important to do because you might not like someone you have to work with in the future.”

“Creating a plan that everyone understands and follows makes things go smoother.”

Community Involvement

Student Volunteers

Students at New Academy Charter school are working with the Hilltop Urban Farm on their service learning project. Our students are in the beginning phases of the project which include the development of a survey to see what types of programming they will offer at the Youth Farm. Specifically, they will determine how the after-school program will operate, what types of fruits and vegetables they will produce and what educational farming and gardening subjects will be taught. The theme of the project is "Youth Voice" and once the school survey results are collected and compiles, the students will present their recommendations to the Hilltop Urban Farm staff to make selections and move to the next phase of the project... we are so excited for things to come.

Corporate Volunteers at New Academy Charter School

Corporate volunteers from Bayer made their MLK Day, a day on, not off. Volunteers organized our basement and painted bookcases and cabinets in several classrooms. They also touched up paint throughout the rest of the building. This group was small but mighty! Thank you, Bayer!

Through a fantastic partnership with the Talerico Group, New Academy Charter School has become the beneficiary of a one-year sponsorship for diapers and wipes to assist our students who are also parents. Sponsors from at least five states across the country responded to project coordinator, Holly McIlwain's request to purchase these supplies to be automatically sent to New Academy Charter School via Amazon. To date, New Academy Charter School parents have received more than 2,036 diapers and wipes.

Thank you to Holly and her team for helping us provide more than an education; providing opportunities for life!!!

Next Month at New Academy Charter School

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Since its debut last August 2016, BigBurgh has provided a way for vulnerable and homeless populations in Pittsburgh to access various resources throughout the city. Now the app—actually a “mobile-optimized” web app that requires no downloading to use—is poised to grow in the next year.

BigBurgh offers a free, easy-to-use way to find information on more than 170 no-cost services throughout Pittsburgh, including clinics, shelters, food pantries and more.

The link to Bigburgh can be found below or at: