Eastside: The Greatest School

"No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else."

Week of March 4th

Eastside Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

Countdown to the Greatest Show:

Kinder and 1st grade - 8 days

2nd grade - 6 days (due to field trip and PD for GLR)

3rd and 4th grade - 24 days

5th grade - 29 days

Thoughts to Ponder that will push us to GREATNESS!!!!

I was reading an article this weekend and this statement stood out to me.

If learners weren't required to come to your class, would they? Ask yourself this difficult but honest question: Is there joy in the journey we are taking together? It's one of the most difficult tasks in teaching, because it asks us to consider the learner as a part of our community, rather than just a mind to fill. Asking this question—and responding to the answer—requires a combination of flexibility, humor, and the ability to try new things, fail, and laugh when things work out ... and when they don't..

I challenge you to reflect on this question this week. If you are struggling in an area, feel free to reach out for help. You are welcome to discuss it with Mrs. Manning and me. We will be glad to help you brainstorm. I want all of you to enjoy coming to work and I want the kids to enjoy every minute in your room.

This past week, Mrs. Manning and I started our student voice team with the 5th grade. Several of these kids started here in Pre-k. These students can offer us the best advice on how to improve our school. They had a lot to say about the GREAT things we are doing and what we need to work on. We will provide their feedback to you at a later time, but this is the information that will help us improve. This will also help 5th grade to find their place as this time of year is always difficult for them in preparing for the transition to GMS.

More About Teacher Credibility - Hattie's Research

According to Hattie teacher credibility is vital to learning, and students are very perceptive about knowing which teachers can make a difference. There are four key factors of credibility: trust, competence, dynamism and immediacy. In an interview Hattie puts it like that: “If a teacher is not perceived as credible, the students just turn off.”

Examples for teacher credibility: Earn trust by showing trust towards pupils. Appear highly organized in the presentation of the subject matter. Develop a powerful style of speaking that uses few verbal hesitancy such as “OK” or “you know”. Reduce distance between teachers and students by moving or moving away from barriers (e.g., desk, podiums). Source: cie.asu.edu

Ringleader of the Week, Teacher of the Month, and Big Top Team

Mrs. Hogg passed the hat on to Mrs. Hackett as the Ringleader of the Week. The commitment that she has displayed is sharing of ideas with her team and others in the district.

Mr. Hope was named Teacher of the Month!

The Big Top Team of the Week went to the Office Staff! They continue to do a great job supporting our students and parents on a daily basis. Thank you Mrs. Patty and Nurse Leah!

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Details for the Week

  • Monday
  • Make- up testing for ACT Aspire Interim 3
  • Book fair opens
  • SIT meets
  • Tuesday
  • Guiding Coalition meets with Mr. LaRose for RTI training
  • Cafeteria will be serving Madi Gras- "King Cake" Cinnamon Rolls with fun sprinkles!
  • Wednesday
  • Guiding Coalition meets with Mr. LaRose for RTI training
  • Thursday
  • Staff meeting Thursday morning at 7:40 - 8:20. All students will be in the PE building with Mrs. Turner, Ms. Newkirk, Mrs. Cardin, any subs, and any interns.
  • Team Meetings (We will meet with content teams for grades 3-5 to work on Interim 3 reflections. K through 2nd and block staff, look in your team drive to ensure that there is an agenda for the upcoming week. Let me know when you have completed it.)
  • Math and wellness night at 6:00 PM - Mrs. Robertson will be sending out the map and staff delegation soon.
  • Friday
  • 3rd grade field trip to KARK
  • We will have recess meetings this Friday. The focus will be on PROWL assessments!
  • MAP PM on Friday with 4th and 5th grade, K-1 relationship building and normal PROWL for 2nd and 3rd grade.
  • SIT commenting completing by end of day on Friday with K-2 and DIBELS with 3-5.

  • Important News:
  • Give assessment in PROWL this week to check their progress on the I can statements. You will bring the data and assessments to recess meeting on Friday. If you are a teacher that does PROWL intervention, but doesn't come to recess meetings, make sure your data and assessments are brought by your grade level team.
  • 1st grade - Mrs. Manning and I will be coming to you to go Live on Facebook. This will be your opportunity to involve parents in how to help their child at home with first grade reading skills. Discuss with your team what you would like to share. We will be videoing later in the week during a recess. We will get with you on the date and time. Kindergarten did a great job last week with this. Feel free to watch their video on Facebook for an idea of how it will work.
  • Balcony person: Find a way to support your balcony person with an act of service. This could be any small task that would make their day easier.
  • Dance Practice will occur this week. They plan to practice as much as they can after school. See Mrs. Krogman with any questions.
  • Make sure you are contacting parents of students that are arriving late for PROWL in the mornings. Stress to them the importance of that direct intervention time. We have such a short time left and we need to make the most of our 30 minutes.

  • We will have the reading passage for your grade level in your boxes at some point on Monday to go home in Monday folders. We had a great amount of participation with the passages from last week!
  • Keep up the great work of passing out PRIDE tickets! Mr. Hope, Mrs. Graham, and Mrs. Pruitt were passing them out in large public spaces such as author assembly and Spirit Day!!!
  • Please take lots of pictures of your students engaging in the learning this week! Email them to Mrs. Manning and myself. We want to continue to tell Eastside's story through social media.
  • Please turn in your P/T conference sign-in sheet when you are finished w/ your conferences. If you need any help with getting in contact w/ parents, please let us know and we can guide and assist.
  • BFG - Be sure you are reading our Read As One book!
  • Mrs. Robertson and her husband will be going on a mission trip this summer to Japan. They will have a fundraiser on March 29th at Bob's grill at 6 PM- $10 for burger meals. Mrs. Robertson wanted everyone to know they are invited.
  • Staff attendance incentive for the month of January, February and until Spring Break: The PTO will be donating 3 $100 bills for a drawing for staff with Great Attendance. If you have had perfect attendance (not counting PD), you will get three chances to win. If you have missed 1 day (not counting PD), you will get two chances to win. If you have missed 2 days (not counting PD), you will one chance to win. We will draw prior to leaving for Spring Break. Thank you PTO!
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School Board Visits Eastside

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Dr. Seuss Costume Winners

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Read Across America

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Little Rocker's Marathon - Thank you to all the staff that got out on a cold morning to be with our kids!!!

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A Little PLC Humor

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Computer Science Word of the Month: LOOP

Character Word of the Month: Citizenship

Important Dates (Refer to our EES 2018- 2019 Year at a Glance Calendar in Google Drive)

I have updated the EES Calendar at a glance with lots of new upcoming dates.