Prague, Czeck Rebublic

Food, Landmarks, Great Weather, Prague's got it all!


Come down to try a variety of different foods!Feeling for barbecue? Come try some pork with a side of pickles. Thirsty? Come try Prague’s famous beer. Want something sweet? Try some fruit dumplings with some apple strudel. Also try carp a famous christmas dish. If you love meat and drinking, come down now!


No matter what you love Prague's got it. Doesn't matter what religion you are you can practice it here. Jazz, Country, Rock you name it Prague's got it. Love art? Come check out some famous art at amazing art exhibits. Feeling brave? Come hike one of many mountain ranges in Prague. Don't worry you won't be the odd one out because Prague has no one true religion.


Feeling adventurous? Prague's activities are endless. If you want to swim , visit any of the rivers and beaches in Prague. If you love farms, start one with all the available land. If you love soccer, then this city is for you with soccer being the main sport. If you are a a huge tourist then there is many beautiful sightseeing places in Prague. All kinds of things to do in Prague!

Landmarks/Historical Sites

"Everything is Medieval!" If you love castles then Prague is for you. If you love plays , check out Prague's stunning theaters. Fan of Palaces? These ones will blow your mind. Try looking down on Prague in these amazing towers to see Prague from a height. If you love historical, medieval landmarks then this city is for you.


Way more languages than just one in Prague. Czech is obviously the main language. Don't have the time to learn, they also speak english. Prague knows all languages of countries around it. [Pretty much every language in Europe] They also speak Romany for the Romans that live in Prague. No matter what language you know Prague probably has it.


Before you do anything, you should probably know about the weather.

Love cold? Great because it is usually around 29* to 66*. Not a fan of rain? Then you will love it here with only 28 in. of precipitation annually. Also expect to be colder in the mountains because temperature varies greatly on elevation. Pack winter clothes, because almost never above 75*. Not too hot nor too cold, just right!

Map of Prague