Carolina Classic Pine


Our $.99 special

We have worked diligently to come up with a quality prefinished product, that you can sell to the consumers at price below wholesale. $.99 lin ft. which is only $2.48 per sq ft, Instead of the one choice we have 6 choices at the low prices, and for our dealer they only have to buy a small 1/2 unit quality to get free freight! That also qualfies them for some free samples and an exrta discount on all special orders. We will also advertise the stocking dealer locations free on our website.

Dealers Price:

prefinished $.79 per linear ft. 12 ft buttjoint which comes out to $1.98 per sq ft


  • Sugar Mountain White
  • Coastal Tan
  • Sandhills Pine


  • V Joint
  • Beaded
Specials! (Created with @Magisto)