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The Flipped Classroom-Online PD-February 5-16, 2018

Synopsis of Session: This session will cover an introduction to the flipped classroom and provide the participants with background knowledge as well as some tools to get started. Learn what a flipped classroom is all about, common obstacles to flipping and how to creatively overcome those obstacles.

Mystery Skype in the Classroom-February 27, 2018

Synopsis of Session: Technology is allowing us to connect with others as never before, and classrooms can now take part in this exciting adventure. In this session, we will demonstrate strategies to help teachers successfully use Skype through their Office365 account to bring the outside world in to their building. Learn how to play a Mystery Skype game with a classroom across the country, invite a guest speaker in to discuss your topic first hand, or take a virtual field trip to a new land. All of these and more are available with the click of a button. Come find out how.

Time: 3:55-5:25 p.m.

Location: SCH Lab 107

Cindy Evans, Instructional Technology Coach