All About Groundwater

By: Makayla Machado

What is groundwater?

groundwater is water underground held in place in between spaces.
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Porosity VS. Permability

Porosity is the amount of space in between particles in soil. Permability is materials ability to allow fluids to pass through. Depending on the type of layer the liquid is passing through and the liquid itself depends on how well it passes through and how well it holds the liquid.
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Different definitions

~Zone of aeriation- region in the ground in which the space is filled with air and sometimes water.

~Zone of saturation- (beneath the water table) this region is completely filled with water.

~Water table- boundary between the two regions

~Aquiclude- a object that prevents the flow of groundwater

~Aquifer- a object that contain groundwater

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Different aquifers

There are two main types of aquifers: confined and unconfined. Confined is trapped water. Unconfined is free water.
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Effects of depleted groundwater


~Conflicts (fighting over the same water)

~Stream depletion

~less water

Polluting groundwater

Some of the main ways we can pollute groundwater is factories, leakages in sewage systems, fertilizers, parking lots, oil spills and many more.
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Groundwater Animation