Help Wanted!

Job Description

Help Wanted! The United States of America needs a new President! To be the President you have to...

-Be a natural born citizen

- Have lived in the U.S for the past 14 years

- Be at least 35 years old

Don't want to be president? You can also apply to be vice president!

The vice president helps the president make his decisions. If the president dies, you will step in for him as president.

What is the salary for these jobs?

The president gets paid about $400,000 a year.

The vice president gets paid about $227,300

How long may you serve?

As president, you may serve 10 years maximum. If you are vice president and in the 2nd year of presidency, the president dies or gets impeached, you will step up to finish his term of 2 years. After that, you may run for re-election twice.

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