Grewenow Gazette

Vol 2.2: Autumn is here!

It's the first week of Autumn!

Here is the latest and great as we round out the month of September and enjoy the start of the autumnal equinox. Here's to cool temperatures and beautifully colored trees.

Grewenow. We are Great; we are Growing!

Mr. Sellenheim's Greeting

Academic Learning Updates

Fall Map Testing

Our grade 2-5 students are close to completing their fall MAP assessments. MAP stands for Measure of Academic Progress and serves as a screener of literacy and numeracy (reading and math) skills. Students take the assessment three times a year (fall, winter, spring) and teachers use the results of those assessments to help make informed decisions about how to present instructional content in the classroom.

On a larger scale, the results of these assessments also serve as the basis of Grewenow's Title I School Achievement Plan. The school's goals center around students making appropriate academic yearly growth and ensure they are meeting grade level targets.

Fall PALS Testing

Like MAP, our preK-2 students are engaging in their fall academic screener which is called PALS (Phonemic Awareness Literacy Screener). This assessment gives our preK-2 teachers insight into specific skills students have or need to work on (such as word recognition and spelling) to ensure they are prepared to become good readers.

PALS assessments are not administered after grade 2 because the transition from grade 2 to grade 3 is when students move from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."

General Announcements

Picture Day

Grewenow will hold its Picture Day on Tuesday, September 25th. Have your student(s) dressed to impress!

Dress Code

Families, please take a moment to review KUSD's dress code policy. We want students to be dressed for school success. Information can be found at this link and in case you don't click, the biggest reminder we want to give right now is for students to wear shoes/footwear that are secured to your student's feet (sandals must have a back meaning no flip flops please).

Student safety is our top priority in the parking lot

Just a reminder that during the morning drop off and afternoon pick up times, staff vehicles are the only vehicles allowed in the parking lot. Beginning Monday, September 11, cones will block off the parking lot and safety patrol students will be stationed to help students across that driveway and move the cones for staff ONLY. Please do not ask safety patrol members to move the cones as their answer will be "No."

HELP WANTED: Volunteers Needed!

We need you...yes you!
Parents/Caregivers are a vital part of our school community and there are many opportunities at Grewenow for you to get involved in. From helping out in our classrooms to planning a school event. We value those in our student's lives and want you to feel welcomed to participate in all that goes on at Grewenow.

Sign up today! Call Ms. Ozimek at 262-287-6468.

Crossing Guard Times for Grewenow

Here are the times that crossing guards will be out and assisting our students.

78th St. & 22 Ave

Morning: 6:55-7:25 AM

Dismiss: 2:25-2:55 PM
Friday Dismiss: 11:21-11:51 AM

75th St. & 22 Ave
Morning: 7:00-8:00 AM
Dismiss: 2:30-3:30PM

Friday Dismiss: 11:21-11:51 AM

Morning Drop off Information

Please take a moment to review the information about morning drop off and supervision procedures:

1. Breakfast doors open at 6:55 with food being served until just before 7:25 AM. Given all Grewenow students qualify for free breakfast, a student would never be denied a meal, but the breakfast seating area for students will close at the sounding of our first line up bell (7:18 AM) so students can arrive to class on time for the official start of the school day (which is 7:25 AM). What this means is that breakfast food will be served, but students will grab the food, and time pending, eat in their classrooms.

2. For students who choose not to eat breakfast, morning playground supervision by Grewenow staff begins at 7:10 AM. If your family drops their child off prior to that time, and their student(s) do not come inside for breakfast, they will technically be unsupervised until 7:10 AM. We know that every family has a different routine in the morning, and we always want students to be on time and safe. Please keep this timing information in mind, and if you have any questions, please contact the office at 262-359-6362.

Inclement Weather Procedures

Morning Drop off

On mornings, when it is raining, lightning, blizzard conditions, or the temperature reaches the district guidelines for indoor recess, non-breakfast eating students will be permitted to enter the building at 7:05AM. At that time, students will only be able to enter through Door 14 (main office doors) Door 1 (breakfast doors), or Door 5 (southernmost end of the building nearest the corner of 22nd & 78th). Staff members and safety patrol members will direct students to their assigned meeting location when students enter the building. If family members wish to enter the building on those inclement weather days, they may only enter through Door 14, and must sign into the office to receive a visitors’ badge.

Indoor Recess

Outdoor recess during the lunch period is a part of every Grewenow student's daily schedule (unless a student has a medical excuse from a doctor not to go outdoors). However, if the weather is raining, lightning, blizarrding, or if (generally) the temperature is below 10 degrees or the wind chill is below 0 students will remain indoors. Let's hope temperatures that cold are a long ways away!

Save the Date for Pumpkin Science Night

More information will be sent home in the Wednesday Take Home folders to come, but our annual Pumpkin Science Night event will be held Monday, October 22 from 5:30 -7:00. The meal will be serve at 5:30 and the pumpkin event will begin in the gym at 6:00! Keep an eye out for those sign up/registration forms.

Family Resources

School Backpacks and Supplies

If your child (ren) are in need of a backpack and/or school supplies, please contact our school Social Worker, Mrs. Wideman at 262-359-5974 and she will be able to assist you in obtaining these items.


This year Grewenow will be distributing Christmas shoeboxes for children who may need their Christmas made a little brighter. If you are interested in making a shoebox, please fill the shoebox and bring it to room 113. We will wrap it for you! You can fill it with items for boys or girls ages 3-11.
Some items may include:

Small stuff animals, school supplies, bracelets, coloring books, coin purses, small toys, play doh, silly putty, crafts, hair ties, yo yo, water bottle. If you have any questions as to what you can or cannot include please call me. I need all boxes by December 14.
Thank you!

Jackie Wideman, Social Worker


Seal-A-Smile Program

Students in grades 2, 3, and 5 students received a green permission form for the Wisconsin Seal-A-Smile dental sealant program in the Wednesday take home folder. This program provides an opportunity for students to receive a new toothbrush, good dental health instruction, a fluoride treatment, and sealants (if appropriate).

To support this program the success of this excellent program, the Kenosha County Health Center is offering students an incentive to return the permission forms to school. Any classrooms that turn in 75% or more of their flyers will earn an ice cream party.

Additionally, if a classroom reached 100% return rate, teachers will earn a $25 Amazon gift which will be used for classroom resources.

For more information about this program, click HERE. Let's keep those Grewenow smiles shining bright!

Click the Button below to download this month's Prevention Services Network (PSN) Family Resource Newsletter which was shared with you courtesy of Mrs. Wideman, our school social worker/guidance counselor.

Grewenow Family & Teacher Community

The Grewenow Family & Teacher Community is our school's version of a PTO. The first GFTC meeting of the year is September 12. Join this group in helping support the education programming and making a difference for the students at Grewenow!

Find more information and follow them on Facebook by clicking the link here.

Grewenow Family & Teacher Community (GFTC) Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, 6-7:30pm

7714 20th Avenue

Kenosha, WI

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

More Information: Grewenow Teacher Webpages

This link will take you to classroom webpages where teachers may post classroom resources and newsletters.

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