President Hoover

Is Hoover considered a hero, or rather a menace?

Will This Depression Ever End?

That, my friend, is the basic question; will this depression ever end? Will we ever get back to what we used to be? The once successful, empowering country has made it people feel powerless and weak. However, can we just put our blame on someone else completely? Is Hoover the one to accuse for all of our pain and suffering? That also is a question that no one seems to have the right answer to.

The Most Popular Opinion

Anti Hoover

Sometimes the bad weighs out the good, which is basically a breakdown of what described most of President Hoover's time in office. Yet he made some smart decisions, most of them weren't helpful to his people. Hoover was a very a indecisive man. He lacked the reassurance that our citizens needed and was cautious with fixing the problems that filled our country. The direct relief for the poor came too late and it seemed as if the government had no participation in the movement towards recovery. While making promises that seemed practical, he kept promising things for the future that provided our people with no satisfaction. In fact, instead of being with us as a leader, he was against us using violence to stay safe. Our country was crumbling and he had no intention of saving it.