"Number the Stars"

by Lois Lowry


Number the Stars takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943.
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Annemarie Johansen is a ten-year-old girl living in Copenhagen with her best friend Ellen Rosen. Now in 1943 Nazi soldiers are around every block, not a lot of food, and school. The Jewish people of Denmark are in danger of being "relocated". Ellen is forced to live with the Johansens to try and avoid being taken from her home. Annemarie is asked to go on a dangerous assignment. To complete her job, Annemarie must somehow find her inner strength and bravery to save her friends life. There is no turning back now.
German Invasion of Denmark and Norway (World War II)


Danish Resistance Movement Denmark Fights for Freedom Anti Nazi Operations 1944


Annemarie's mother is in trouble, she must go on a critical quest to help others. Her only fear is being caught by a Nazi officer. Annemarie must deliver a package to the harbor with being seen.


Man v.s. Self (Internal)

Annemarie struggles to find her inner heroism when faced with dangerous challenges.

Man v.s. Society

Annemarie must help Ellen and her family escape the Nazis