Wing School Technology Update

Grades K-6

Grade 6 Google Docs, Microsoft Word, MobyMax, Databases and Google Spreadsheets.

Grade 6 has been typing their English writing essays using Microsoft word and Google Docs, they have been practicing math facts using MobyMax and used Google Docs to list facts about their Fossil Timelines in Science. In Technology Class, they have learned how to make a simple database and use Google spreadsheets to organize data and graphs. They also created a short comic using Google Presentation, learned about giving credit to creators on line and Digital Drama.

Grade 5 Edublog, new Google Drive, Google Docs, Discovery Education Boards, Google Classroom, MobyMax and Typing Club.

Grade 5 have been blogging on Edublog, working with their new Google Drive, using Chromebooks, Google Classroom for assignments, Google Spreadsheet and graphing to show plant research and continuing MobyMax for Math Facts. They practice typing skills using Typing Club, learned Padlet to present colonial region research and used Discovery Education Boards created by Mrs. Blount.

Grade 4 Microsoft Word, MobyMax, Typing Club and Google Drive.

Grade 4 continues to use MobyMax to practice math facts, the Typing Club for typing skills and Word to practice spelling words and sentences. They will be learning how to use their new Google Drive.

Grade 3 Microsoft Word, Clipart, MobyMax, Typing Club, Databases, Excel spreadsheets and simple graphs.

Grade 3 practices their math facts using MobyMax, spelling words using Word, they learned about databases and created a spreadsheet in Excel of Zoo animals along with a simple pie graph to show their data. They worked on feature articles of animals, Kahoot and how to search using keywords on line.

Grade 2 MobyMax Math Facts, Microsoft Word, video.

Grade 2 practices their math facts using MobyMax, type spelling words using Word and participate in videos regarding Respect. They are researching Biographies on line and completing a feature article on sharks using Word and clipart.

Grade 1 Microsoft Word, computer skills, Tuxpaint, Word Clouds, Digital Citizenship and online math games.

Grade 1 continues to practice spelling words using Microsoft Word, they learned the drawing program Tuxpaint, Word Clouds, and learned about Being Safe Online and Private Information on the Internet. They learned about fonts and clipart in Word and practice math on line with

Kindergarten Smartboard lessons, mouse games, typing, and a visit to the computer lab.

Kindergarten continues to practice math skills and shapes using Smartboard Technology. They visited the computer lab, learned how to use a mouse and started typing. They will be learning Tuxpaint.
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