The Forgotten Genocide

Inside the debate of the Armenian Genocide

What is the Armenian Genocide?

A genocide forgotten by history, shadowed by the Holocaust, and prohibited by Turkey. The Armenian genocide was a terrible event that took place during the time period of 1915 to 1920, occurring during and after World War 1 (Knaian). During this time period, Turkish citizens came into the Ottoman Empire and killed over 1.5 million Armenians (Knaian). Turkish citizens chose to take these actions due to their fear of Armenians migrating into Turkey because of the poverty and crime within the Ottoman Empire (Behnan). Armenians had to suffer through a lack of food and water, robbery, abuse, and massacres. Armenians were targeted through deportation and mass murdering (Behnan). Although horrendous and unfortunate, the Armenian Genocide is continuously being question upon concerning if the event should be considered a genocide at all.

Why is the Armenian Genocide shadowed by the Holocaust?

The Holocaust, almost imitating the Armenian Genocide, took place during the time period of 1933 to 1945 ("Introduction to the Holocaust"). Lasting almost 7 years longer compared to the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust suffered nearly 6 million Jewish deaths ("Introduction to the Holocaust"). This increase in deaths and recent time period following the Armenian Genocide, caused the genocide to be almost forgotten and clouded by the Holocaust. Another reason concerning why less people are familiar with the Armenian Genocide than the Holocaust is due to the Holocaust being a common lesson or subject taught in school ("The Truth About the Armenian Genocide"). The Armenian Genocide is also less known because of Turkish citizens wanting others to not know of their dark past ("Archive: Armenain Female Revolutionary").

Why is the American Government refusing to recall the event as a genocide?

To assist President Obama in his campaign for president in 2008, Obama stated that he would proclaim the Armenian Genocide a genocide ("Obama Won't Call It Armenian 'genocide'"). Obama has just recently come to prove that statement wrong by preventing the word genocide while recognizing the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. President Obama used multiple other words when describing the hardships of the Armenian Genocide, but not once did he use the word 'genocide'. His reasoning behind his choses concern the risk of negatively affecting Turkey and America's relationship in the fight against ISIS ("Armenian Genocide: Why Obama Won't Say The Word"). By claiming that the Armenian Genocide is in fact a genocide, Turkey may weaken it's support on America. Although the American Government may have saved a relationship with Turkey, did it save it's promise to the people?