My 2014-2015 School Year

"The year I focused on tennis"

Changes This Year

This year I have not only played tennis, but I have also started to play water polo. At first, I only did water polo as an extra sport and cardio for tennis, but after time, I started enjoying the sport and I made a lot of friends. In school, I have improved all of my grades compared to what they where in the beginning of the year. During spring break, I also visited Hawaii with family and friends, to celebrate Easter. In Hawaii, we went to many of the beaches, Road to Hana, and a luau. This has been an amazing year for me.

This year, I started playing water polo. I enjoy water polo because it keeps me active, but is also competitive and fun. I enjoy being in an individual sport like tennis, but it's fun to play in a team sport like water polo. Water polo has definitely helped my endurance in tennis and keeps me outside and active. In school, I used to be an A and B student in the beginning of the year, but now in the second semester, I have all A's. I have also made more friends in all of my classes. When I went to Hawaii, I was very excited because it was my first time going with a friend. We traveled to Maui and stayed in a nice resort that had a lot of pools and a view of the ocean from our room. My family and I also went to the Road to Hana, which took the whole day to do. When we went, we stopped at a bamboo forest and hiked a trail. We saw many waterfalls and rainbows, which was also exciting.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the trip to Hawaii, tennis, water polo and my grades have affected me positively. I had so much fun in Hawaii for spring break, and water polo and tennis have made me a better athlete. I am excited for summer and looking forward to 8th grade.