Felix Mendelssohn

by Alexis Young

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Felix Mendelssohn

-Born Februrary 03 1809

-Gestorben November 1847

In Hamburg Deutschland-Born

-Gestorben in Leipzig Deutschland

-Vater war Abraham Mendelssohn

-Mutter war Lea Salomon

-Mendelssohn was a composer

-Came from a Jewish background but was a devoted Christian

-Gave his first public concert at age 9

-Wrote famed overture to Midsummer Night’s Dream at the age of 17

-He was the co-founder of the Leipzig Conservatory

- Contemporaries Weber, Goethe, and Moscheles

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(Excerpted with permission from a sermon by Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl, February 20, 1998. Rabbi Stahl is from Temple Beth-El, San Antonio, Texas.)

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