Morganium (Mo)

Atomic Mass: 19.99

Discovered by Elba Morgan and Tim Knox

Discovered in low concentrations in Dallas, Texas.

Morganium has a very nice shine and is very smooth. Morganium boils when constantly badgered by people who have no idea what is going on around them. It also melts when surrounded by very good tasting food. Can cause happiness if kept in close contact with a person. Morganium is sad when kept isolated for long periods of time. It is happy when watching or playing football and baseball. Morganium becomes stubborn and unyielding when introduced to people who are rude. ( The picture is from before i got my hair cut, obviously.)

Morganium may explode when mixed with Cowboys losses.

Morganium is repelled by the Eagles, Giants, and Redskins. It is attracted to the Cowboys, Dr. Pepper, and brownies. Morganium requires copious amounts patience. it is inert is it is lacking sleep. Morganium will repel those who don't like and understand sarcasm. Morganium is impervious to lies.