Smart with Your Money

San Diego Financial Literacy Center

Smart With Your Money (S.W.Y.M)

Smart With Your Money (S.W.Y.M) , presented by the San Diego Financial Literacy Center, provides free financial literacy to individuals, families, and organizations. Participants receive education on budgeting, managing, and eliminating credit card debt, how to avoid financial pitfalls, and more.

There have been over 60 research studies done that examine how financial stress effects performance on the job. These studies found that employees who have money problems often miss work more often, are in poorer health, have strained family relationships, and are less productive at work. It’s well documented that a company’s bottom line can be affected by an employee’s financial situation.

The research studies also show that the financial concerns of the employee’s can be improved and even eliminated with a quality Financial Literacy Program.
The program can be tailored to provide your employees with valuable information that matters to them. The workshops can be done at lunch or after hours, so it doesn’t interfere with the normal workday. One-on-One counseling is also available for those who want to address specific personal concerns.

The Military FM Workbook provides the spread sheets that are referenced in the presentation.

If you would like to get more in depth about your budget and have a one on one consultation with Chase or another member of his team please reach out:

Please let them know you are an Ashford Student.

Please remember that the services offered by the San Diego Financial Literacy Center are completely FREE & CONFIDENTIAL.