Grace Star

February 1, 2016


  • FANTASTIC FRIDAYS IN FEBRUARY- It's that time of year again! Each Friday in February you will enjoy a SPECIAL treat to help get through the month and to THANK YOU for all you do! First one is THIS FRIDAY!!

  • Outdoor Recess-It is important that all classrooms are going out for outdoor play when weather permits. Please refer to the district website under the Health Services tab to review the weather guidelines. Use and use Belton's zip code to get the "feels like" temperature.

The following guidelines have been established for health outdoor play during cold weather:

Cold Weather

Temperature/Wind Chills

Outdoor Policy

Between 50-30 degrees Fahrenheit Regularly scheduled outdoor play times

Between 29-20 degrees Fahrenheit 15-20 minutes maximum

Between 19 degrees Fahrenheit and below No outdoor play time

  • Meet w/ Jill- This year I have blocked out 2 days (Feb.3 & 8) to do a mid-year check-in with staff. These are not mandatory, but merely a time to discuss any concerns you have, summer school, placement for next year, etc. If you are interested, please sign- up at the front desk- I'd love to chat!

  • Health Screenings- Just a reminder to be sure and schedule a time for your Health Screening. They fill up quickly!

  • Years of Service- Make sure you swing by the lounge to verify your Years of Service. Put a check by your name if it looks okay.

  • SRO- Officer Thompson will sadly be leaving us and beginning a new journey. Please help me welcome Officer Rachel Pruitt as our new SRO. She has already been touring the building, getting aquatinted with staff and learning the building lay out. Make sure to say "Hi" and welcome her to the Grace family.

  • Community Conversations/BlockFest- Teachers, please double check the schedule to see if you are scheduled to attend. Please remind parents about these events one last time. Thursday, February 4 from 4:00pm-4:30pm. Topics of discussion: Upcoming Screenings, Grace Programming, Carnival, New Family Orientation. All families are invited to join in the discussion. BlockFEST from 4:30pm-6:30pm.

  • Preschool Screening Dates- The following dates have been set:

Feb 29 (11:00-6:00), March 1 (8:30-2:30) , March 3 (11:00-6:00) , March 4 (8:30-2:30)

Parents can call to schedule an appointment by calling 348-1029

  • Yearbooks- Don't forget to add photos to your classroom page. These will be due February 15. Please see Jan with any questions.

  • Teacher of the Year & Support Staff of the Year- Applications are now open and can be found online. Melissa McConnnell and Kathy Muder have sent out reminders that include the forms. They can also be found on the district website. Please share this in your communication with parents. Kathy has also placed paper nomination forms up front. Turn all forms into Kathy Muder.

  • Belton Educational Foundation Grant- We already ready have TWO grants in the works and are hoping to submit a few more! If you are considering applying for a grant for an innovative classroom or building project, now is the time. As always, I encourage our staff to GO for this as it has provided Grace with some pretty amazing opportunities in the past. Ivy Nelson has offered to help with innovative technology ideas, if you're interested. Below is a link for the application.

Deadline- February 9, 2016 4:00 pm

Grants awarded on March 15, 2016.

  • Belton Canvas iBSDpd- Is now OPEN! Please take a moment to login in and make sure you are able to get started. If you have any issues please reach out to Ivy Nelson ASAP.

    ~ Modules Open- October 16, 7am

    ~ Completion Deadline- April 15, 11:59pm


  • Wishing a few of our staff well....Pam Elliott took a tumble last Friday while helping a student on the playground and broke her nose. Patty Holloway slipped on some mud and has sprained her ankle and won't be back until she is able to walk. Please send these wonderful ladies your love and well wishes...

Heal quickly ladies..we love you.

  • Thank you Mystery Balloon Person-keep spreading those good vibes!

  • SB6- Don't forget! We have added several new books that would be great to check out!


February 4- Parent Advisory, 4:30

Block Fest, 4:30-6:30

February 5- Professional Development Day- Jill Molli


Feb 4- Sue McCallister

Feb 9- Tricia Wyatt

Feb- 20 -Kelley Daniels