Textile Factories and Lowell Mills

By: Elexus Jorgensen and Britney Henry

Textile factories

It was basically a factory that makes cloths.

It helped American and society because the factories help make cloths, faster than the Americans making it themselves by hand. The factory also had a lot of open spots for people to get jobs, which helped people get jobs they needed.

Inventor of Textile Factories and modern version of the factories

Samuel Slater invented the textile factories, he was also know as the father of the factories. Other people were involved, but he was the most important.

Their is still a modern version of the textile factories today!

Textile Factories were really the same as lowell mills, but Lowells Mill was better

Lowell Mills

Lowell was one of the first true American factory towns and birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Due to the booming textile business in the early 19th century, the area began welcoming immigrants from many countries. Women between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five were recruited to work at the mills. They would make cloth, but instead of doing it by hand they would use machinery.

Inventer of Lowell Mills and impact

Francis Cabot Lowell, after becoming a successful merchant in the United States, he traveled to Great Britain, and spent two years studying the workings of the textile industry and the power looms used in the factories. He then brought his knowledge back to the US, and with his brother and business associates, formed the Boston Manufacturing Company. Which was then his business partners changed the name of their mill town to Lowell, in his honor.

The Lowell Mills impact on American's and society was it introduced a new system of manufacturing to the United States and established new patterns of employment. It also helped women to make cloth with machines.