My Holocaust Child

Naquasia N. Grimes

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Inge Auerbacher !

My Name Is Inge Auerbacher And I Was Born On December 31,1934 And I Was Born In Kippenheim,Germany. My Family And I Has Been Arrested And Deported. We Were Forced To Leave All Of Our Possessions Behind,We Were Sent To Theresienstadt Ghetto In Czechoslovakia. My Family And I Were Sent ToThe Disabled War Veterans Section Of The Ghetto Where We Were Allowed To Stay Together. But On May 8,1945 Soviet Troops Entered The Ghetto And Ten-Year Old Inge Auerbacher And Her Family Were Freed.

What Have People Learned Since The Holocaust Happened ? I Learned That Alot Of People Died,And Got Seperated From There Families And To Go Stay In Other Places,But Some Of The People Were Freed.