Willis Carrier

By: Kendra Zitzman

Early Childhood

Willis Carrier was born on November 26, 1876 in Angola New York to Duane Williams Carrier and Elizabeth R. Haviland. He lived with his parents on a farm in Angola, New York for most of his childhood. He was an only child. His mother died at a young age when Carrier was only 12 years old. He found his love of inventing and engineering at a young age. He won a competitive scholarship to study mechanical engineering at Comel University in Ithaca, New York.

Career in the Engineering and Inventing field

Willis Carrier got his college education at Cornell University. He took a jump start into inventing when he invented the first air conditioner and cooling fridge. His air conditioner although large was a handy tool to have in your home. This machine could Control humidity; Control air circulation and ventilation; and Cleanse the air. This was a huge success on his part. Then he created another handy thing that involves cooling. The Refrigerator! This took the food world by storm by letting you keep fool in a cooled area in your home and preserve food for a longer period of time. This helped a lot in this time period since it was in the great depression and all the food you could round up need to be preserved which helped exponentially.
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Willis Carrier was married three times! His wives were Claire Seymour; Jennie Martin; Elizabeth Marsh Wise. Although he was married many times he was never a father. Through out his adult life he created his most memorable machines that still are in use today. The air conditioner got its first break not in homes but in public places like in movies, offices, and factories. His work took up most of his life. He won the Frank P. Brown Medal in 1942. He is also in the national inventors hall of fame and science museum hall of fame.

The world at this time

The world during this time was in the great depression. This posed many problems for Carrier. At the start his machines were not cheep and not many people could afford to have them in their homes or workplaces. So it was a bumpy start up but when the economy got back on its feet this machines were in high demand.

His legacy

Willis Carrier died October 7, 1950 on a trip to New York City; he died of old age. Although he is not here in this day and age he still has made a lasting impression. His machines are still in use just tweaked as the technology advanced. His invention in 1920 led to the great migration to the sunbelt . We may not have the air conditioner or may have gotten it way later. It also opened up the doors to other things to be created. This invention was very helpful and makes life so much nicer. Willis Carrier once said "The problems of society will also be the problems of the predominant language of that society. It is the carrier of its perception s, its attitudes, and its goals, for through it, the speakers absorb entrenched attitudes. The guilt of English then must be recognized and appreciated before its continued use can be advocated." He has effected society with his views on the world also.