Stomach Cancer

Ben Reynolds

Conditions Prevalence

•Stomach cancer is uncommon in the United States & and the number of people diagnosed each year is on a decline.

•Stomach cancer is more much more common in other areas of the world especially China and Japan.

Name and Summary of Disease

• Stomach cancer is also called, gastric cancer

• These two terms refer to abnormal cell growth that begins in the mucus producing cells of the inner wall of the stomach.

Causes and risk factors

1. Eating foods contaminated with aflatoxin Fungus

2. Family history of stomach cancer

3. Long-term stomach in flatmmation


1. Fatigue

2. Feeling bloated after eating

3. Feeling full after eating small amounts of food

Diagnostic Methods

1. 2 tests used to discover and to look at stomach cancer are the CT scan and a special type of X-ray exam.


You need to change to a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Eat less meat and stay away from smoked BBQ foods and pickled vegetables and foods that contain nitrates and nitrites like hot dogs.

Coping Methods

Learn enough to make decisions about your care and ask your doctor to write down the fact about your cancer - the types of treatment options for stomach cancer and the benefits and risk of each treatment.


Depend on the stage of your cancer, your heath, and your choice of treatment options are surgery, radiation chemotherapy,and drugs.

Prevention Steps

• Make sure you get a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables and eat less meat.

• Walk every day including hiking or fun activities like sports.

Pain Management

Surgery is done to take out the tumor. Pain medication is given to help with the pain.

Disease Process

A tumor develops in the lining of the stomach. Cancer cells then start to spread to other parts of the body. The tumor grows deeper into the stomach and its muscles. Cancer cells spread more to lymph nodes and other areas of body.