Middle Adulthood

Ages 40 to 65

Health factors affecting individuals

Motor functioning affect many individuals in middle adulthood. The functioning depends on the person and how they care for their body. Around this age group strength and coordination decline due to the loss of muscle mass that gets replaced by fat. If a person works out on a regular basis they may not experience as much of a decline as those who don't. People have a slowed reaction time,especially for motor responses.

Health and wellness factor for this lifespan

Most people are healthy within these ages, but do experience some health changes or risks. Most if not all people experience some hearing loss especially for high pitched sounds, loss of near vision or ability to focus eyes on things. Sexual and reproductive functions change; women can no longer bear children,but mean can still father children though their fertility reduces. Women start to go through menopause with less production of estrogen. Leading causes of death in this life span are cancer,accidents, and heart disease. So to keep their health in check and to be sure to stay well people this age should make regular trips to the doctor for check-ups.

Techniques to reduce stress

Stress is not good for this lifespan, because it weakens the immune system, causes blockage in arteries, and more that could harm someone. There are many ways to cope with stress. Regular exercise, good nutrition, the right amount of sleep, socialization, no smoking, and little consumption of alcohol can help reduce your level of stress. Stress can also cause Coronary heart disease which is the #1 cause of death in the United States.

Supportive agencies and resouces

Doctor and nurses are very good sorceresses for this lifespan, because they keep an eye on your health and make sure you are doing okay and you're healthy. Another resources in a psychologist, they are there to help you mentally which could help you not be stressed out.