the branches of USA gov.

leislative, exucutive, and judicial branch.

The President's Place: What He Can Do

The president is the leader of all branches but does not  mean he can do anything. If he made a unfair law such as killing or banning a certian religion from america, Congress can veto or the law.  Congress can also impeach the Pres. or remove him from the office. The Pres. can also approve bills if he agrees with it and will be sent to Judicial to check if it is constitutuional and can be made a law or not.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is made up of the gov. agencies and Congress.  Congress is actually made of two parts, the senate and house of respresentives.  The congress makes up laws then send them to the executive branch to see if they approve, If president doesn't approve they send it back and fix the problems why he refuses to approve the bill.

judicial branch

the judicial branch is made of a court system. the supreme court is the top of all courts in the USA. there is one chief justice, they do this job for life or until they maybe resign, get impeached, or retire. this branch will agree and make laws. the other branchs agree if a law should be made. they also argue the meaning of laws, how they will be applied, and whether they break the laws of the constitution. the people who control this branch are the whole supreme court.

executive branch

the executive branch of the gov. ensures laws of the USA are obeyed and followed. the person leaded by the president and this branch is very big so the president can be helped by the vice president. the approves laws the congress make then are sent to the judicial branch. . the departments advise the pres. on problems and carry out policies. when the executive branch have made a bill they have to send it to the pres. to see if he approves or does not  approve. the bill then travels through out the other branchs until it is made a law.

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