tosha thoene

ceramics 1

stary night

i made this cup because i like stary nights and looking up to the stars, and enjoying the night cause i know the day is over and get to live again and be thankful for being able wake up everyday. my cup isnt as detailed as it could been it could of used more work doesnt really have a patteren to it. i didnt glaze the cup i just used paints as you can tell.i made the handle the shape it is to go with them stary night and the stars as the stars in the sky just differnet colors and the clouds at the bottom as if the stars are floating above them.

the vase of emptiness

i made this shape because i wanted it to be in form of a vase. i made it this tall for when flowers are held you only see the flowers and not the steams. i made the coils on the vase from going smooth to being able to see some sort a coil at the bottom of the vase. i made it this color becaue i just wanted it to plain like a normal vasae nothing special. i took my time on the coil pot. there is no patteren its just white and round.


has very good detail, the color is out standing, the man look sad, has no patter, looks as if he took a lomf time to work on the piece, looks as if he took a long to finish the art work. the work peice is called free like the man was prisonier or a slave and now he is free to live his life. there is balence in the piece there is no patteren it is the same color all the way through.

John deweese pottery

took time on the art work, has no pattern, has good detail, when i look at the art work it looks like the metal is curling up. the art work is very good and look as if it took a while to complet his work. there is only one color to the art work all the way through. also looks as if the piece may be rusting as if it has been setting out for a while and the piece is suppose to be old.