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November Newsletter

Professional Learning

On their journeys toward careers in education, GO CAPS Teacher Education students have been learning about the professional expectations for teachers. Currently, we are focusing on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and classroom management. As students head into their independent job shadowing experiences, they will be observing these elements in action. Students were provided a behind-the-scenes peek at curriculum development when the Learning Support team from Springfield Public Schools visited our classroom. They described how the department helps support the teaching and learning of 25,000 students and 2,000 teachers across 50 schools in one of Missouri's largest public school systems.

Reading Buddies & Pajama Day

Creating a Sensory Path

A sensory path was constructed by the GO CAPS Teacher Education students for the students at Sherwood Elementary. This activity mat helps to serve students who need to let out energy in school outside of recess. It is also useful for students with sensory processing issues. The mat has several obstacles and physical challenges the students must go through. These challenges were designed to help with where the children are developmentally with their motor skills. According to Brianna Nesta, a senior from Nixa, “It was fun to make and was a great team bonding experience!” ~Written by Sydney & Noah

Here's a video of it in action!


When the Students Become the Teachers

GO CAPS Teacher Education students were asked to write and demonstrate a lesson plan for our class. The goal was to help students understand what a teacher goes through and what it takes to present every day. It was really fun because we had a wide range of interesting activities. For example, we learned how to properly throw a football, completed a brain teaser, made shapes out of Play-Dough, did an JROTC drill, and mixed secondary colors with paint. We also made slime out of glue and borax, which was messy but a lot of fun. Maia Greiner, a senior from Glendale, said, "My favorite was the dog toy lesson because my dog fell in love with the toy I made." ~Written by Rowan & Logan

College Exploration

Our GO CAPS Teacher Education strand visited the campus of Evangel University. Dr. Shonna Crawford and Dr. Kelly Sutherland gave us an exclusive tour of the Education Department and allowed us to ask questions and learn more about Evangel. We also got to speak with a panel of current education majors. Noah Gibson, a senior from Nixa High School, said, “Evangel was very nice and welcoming to us.” We were able to see the campus and learn more about what it would be like to attend Evangel University.

Later in the month, Sara Tipton and Robin Kloerber from Missouri State University's Internship Academy visited our class, This program allows student teachers to spend a whole school year with a cooperating teacher from a local district. This is longer than the traditional student teaching format and provides a more in-depth experience. Some of our GO CAPS students thought this looked like a great opportunity. ~Written by Katie & Maia

Education Career Pathways Outside of Schools

The GO CAPS Teacher Education class has been learning about education outside of public schools and took trips to CoxHealth and the City of Springfield's Environmental Resource Center. At CoxHealth, we spoke with Dr. Marissa Weaver about her job in professional development. She also organized a panel of faculty from higher education, which included presenters from Cox College, OTC, and Missouri State University. We enjoyed getting to ask questions and getting honest feedback along with their educational journey.

Our next stop was the Environmental Resource Center, where we learned about so many different opportunities to educate people in Springfield. Laurie Duncan shared her experiences teaching at unusual places, such as the Discovery Center and even the Environmental Resource Center. Additionally, Melanie Williams, from the City of Springfield's human resources department, shared many career pathways that involved education. We had a great time getting to see these places and learning about different opportunities. ~Written by Alexis & Brianna

Building a Community

GO CAPS brings together high school students from schools across the region. One of my first goals was to build a community within our Teacher Ed classroom. Our Thanksgiving breakfast is just one example of this. We also take time at the start of each class to share what's new in our worlds. According to Kate Kane, "Strong communities have members who have shared goals and experiences, who feel empowered to contribute, who trust in one another, and who feel understood and capable as individuals." Community is the cornerstone of the classroom, and I hope my Teacher Ed students feel it in ours. ~Written by Dr. Cox
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Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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