2022-2023 Kenwood Open House

All Grades: Please join us on Tuesday, August 9th!

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It's finally here! We can't wait to meet and see your child. Tuesday's Open House is for all students. This is a chance for your child to find their room, meet their teacher, and drop off their supplies.

Open House-Grades K-5--All of You!

Tuesday, Aug. 9th, 4:30-6pm

915 16th Avenue

Kearney, NE

Specific Information for a Successful Experience

We are asking that you attend during these designated time slots so teachers have more time to get to know you and your child. Please use the west and east main doors to enter the building.

August 9th

4:30-5:00 A-I

5:00-5:30 J-Q

5:30-6:00 R-Z

4th Grade Mr. Anderson-Different Open House Time

For those of you who have Mr. Anderson, there's been a time change. He will be available from 6:00-7:00 PM on this night. If you have younger students, you can choose to go to their classroom visits from 5:30-6:00 and then go to his classroom at 6:00 PM. Otherwise, his classroom will be open and your child can feel free to find their desk and other items. We hope you stop by and meet him personally.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Our west and east main doors will be the only doors open for entry in the morning. When dropping off your child, please use the driveways or the streets. Always use the passenger side to drop off and pick up your child(ren). When parents are dropping off/picking up their child, the older siblings will go to the younger siblings spot. Here is the list of where to drop off and pick up your child(ren).

Kindergarten: Drop off students on west side (flagpole side). Students will exit at 3:15 pm through kindergarten wing doors. Pick up on west driveway. If you have older students, you'll have to remain there until their dismissal time.

1st Grade: Entry and Exit through East main doors by blue tile (Dismiss at 3:15)

2nd Grade: Entry through West main doors (flagside) and exit through west main OR west playground (Dismiss at 3:20)

3rd Grade: Entry through West main doors and Exit through north vestibule (Dismiss at 3:20)

4th Grade: Entry and Exit through east main doors (Dismiss at 3:25)

5th Grade: Entry and Exit through east wing main doors (Dismiss at 3:25)

*Bus/daycare students will be dismissed at 3:20. They are picked up on the south side in the staff parking lot. Please do not pick up your children from here as there are several busses and daycare vans that need that space.

Mrs. Clevenger

Hello! My name is Jill Clevenger and I have the best job of being a principal at Kenwood Elementary. I'm beginning my 18th year at Kenwood and our staff, students, and parents are truly wonderful to work with. You will love and enjoy your time at Kenwood Elementary. I can't wait to meet and see you all again and welcome you to our Cougar family!

Kenwood Staff Contacts


Jill Clevenger-jilclevenger@kearneycats.com


Saralyn Feddersen - sarfeddersen@kearneycats.com

Social Worker:

Logann Collin-logcollin@kearneycats.com


Counselor-Mary Fruhling- marfruhling@kearneycats.com


Ashlee Bauer-ashbauer@kearneycats.com

Tori Fiala-torfiala@kearneycats.com

Sue Liveringhouse-sueliveringhouse@kearneycats.com

First Grade:

Jessika Lehmann-jeslehmann@kearneycats.com

Megan Szafrajda-megszafrajda@kearneycats.com

Barb Thompson-barthompson@kearneycats.com

Second Grade:

Allison Birdwell-allbirdwell@kearneycats.com

Tami Buss-tambuss@kearneycats.com

Holly Gilbreath-holgilbreath@kearneycats.com

Third Grade:

Melinda Hogeland-melhogeland@kearneycats.com

Rachelle Chamberlain - racchamberlain@kearneycats.com

Kat Mundorf-katmundorf@kearneycats.com

Fourth Grade:

Megan Buerer - megbuerer@kearneycats.com

Theison Anderson-theanderson@kearneycats.com

Lynn Lebsack - lynlebsack@kearneycats.com

Fifth Grade:

Jane Bartee-janbartee@kearneycats.com

Broc Howard - brohoward@kearneycats.com

Beckie Luedke-becluedke@kearneycats.com


PE-Hope Gillaspy - hopgillaspy@kearneycats.com

Art-Rivkah Raffaeli - rivraffaeli@kearneycats.com

Music-Jake Consbruck - jacconsbruck@kearneycats.com

Media/Library-Mary Roesler- marroesler@kearneycats.com

Counselor-Mary Fruhling- marfruhling@kearneycats.com

Reading specialist-Janice Polk - janpolk@kearneycats.com

Reading specialist-Lisa Martenson - lismartenson@kearneycats.com

Special Education/TLC-Amanda McConnell - amamcconnell@kearneycats.com

Special Education-Katie Butler - katbutler@kearneycats.com

Special Education-Brooke Modlin - bromodlin@kearneycats.com

Speech/Language-Trish Abels - triabels@kearneycats.com

School Psychologist-Ashley Carrier - ashcarrier@kearneycats.com


Megan Braden-megbraden@kearneycats.com

Health Room Aide-Linda Harris-linharris@kearneycats.com

About Us

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