Media Rich Schools Inservice

Eagle County January 5, 2015

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Please Join Us For Two Exciting Conversations!

Shannon McClintock Miller, Teacher Librarian & Technology Specialist, and Bobbi Craig, Mackin Educational Resources, will be with us on this special day to connect, learn, and collaborate. It will be a wonderful opportunity and a place to take things back to our schools in kicking off the New Year!
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8:30-11:45am Engaging Students in Learning and Using Content Rich Digital Resources

This informative and inspirational session will open new doors of thought for secondary teachers, whether you teach Science, Social Studies, Language Arts or Art and Music! This session will examine the value of digital resources and discuss up to date research on eResources and student learning.

Emphasis will be on strategies to effectively use digital resources in your classroom and motivate students to take control of their own learning in a media-rich environment. Shannon will share tips on how to use text features (highlighting text evidence, taking notes for close reading, and building constructed responses using MackinVIA and Google docs) already built into our digital resources to prepare for the PARCC and CMAS assessments. She will also highlight digital tools students can use in creating their own creative content by using digital resources.

It will be a fun session full of sharing, creating, and learning lots of great things together.

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12:30-3:30pm Digital Resources: A School-Wide Adventure

Encourage and empower your teachers to use ebooks and databases in their classrooms. We’ll offer instructional ideas for lessons using a variety of interactive E-Resources. We’ll also recommend free online tools that can help streamline lesson planning and resource access. This session is perfect for ECS Media Managers and Technology Teachers.

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