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November 2013 Newsletter

December EOC Preparation

At JCFA-East, we know our students have the ability to succeed. To ensure student results on state-mandated End-of-Course tests reflect students' highest performance, we are requiring students taking an EOC to bank time. Students are required to attend the mandatory sessions Monday-Thursday from 1:00pm to 2:14pm starting now. This will allow for additional test remediation and preparation, and will also allow time for your student to maintain class progress.

If your student is unable to attend remediation during the schedule time, please inform the CAO, Anne Katherine Lene, before November 11th, so we can prepare an appropriate schedule to fit the student's remediation needs.

Click here for additional information regarding End-of-Course exams.

Student Attendance and Progress

Student Academic Progress

At orientation we talked with students and parents about the fact that tudents should move through the curriculum at their optimal pace . On average, we expect students should earn 3 units of credit every 4 months. Unfortunately, many of our current students are NOT moving at their optimal pace and are behind in their courses. Parents, please help us address this issue by checking your student's academic progress using Edgenuity (email natalie.istre@jcfaeast.us or kwame.webster@jcfa.us if you need help gaining access to Edgenuity).

Attendance and Banking

If your student is NOT making adequate academic progress in one of more of his/her courses, then he/she should be taking advantage of banking. Students can bank time every Monday-Thursday from 1:05pm-2:14pm.

As attendance and progress often go hand-in-hand, students who have fallen below JCFA's minimum 90% attendance requirement should also be banking to ensure their course progress is not suffering.

Dr. Curie Scientist of the Month Award

Florion H.

Florion H. is an American chemist and first female student to receive the prestigious Scientist of the Month Award. Florion is a gifted chemist and can excel in all working conditions, whether she is working from home or at school. Her commitment to chemistry and knowledge is evident in her inquisitive nature. Florion, like Dr. Curie is highly admired in the scientific community for her quiet, dignified, and unassuming demeanor. By remaining focused on her work, Florion embodies Dr. Curie's thoughts to "be less curious about people and more curious about ideas".

Around Campus

Important Dates


  • 11/21 -- No banking. Students must be off campus by 1pm.
  • 11/22 -- Progress Reports (with student round table meetings)
  • 11/28 & 11/29 -- Thanksgiving Holiday (no school, campus closed)


  • 12/4 -- Field trip to NOMA for qualifying students
  • 12/9 -- Biology EOC Testing
  • 12/10 -- English III EOC Testing
  • 12/11 -- English II EOC Testing
  • 12/12 -- Algebra I EOC Testing
  • 12/13 -- Geometry EOC Testing
  • 12/16 -- US History EOC Testing
  • 12/23-1/1 -- Winter Break (no school, campus closed)